The story behind Windsurfcandy dot com

After a lot of years windsurfing I got a lot of know how. Giving people advice about fins and the trimming of their equipment.
The last years I was done with G10 fins and felt a limitation so had a look around on the market. Wanted to work with a brand that was willing to invest in making me the best quality carbon fins. Contacted 3 brands to send me prototypes. Soon I realized when I saw the finish and feeling of the first fins coming in and quick feedback. Z-fins was the way to go!

Worked with Z-fins to develop the fastest speed fins in the world. This gave me a lot of trust in the brand. The numbers on the gps’s prove enough already peaking 53,8KNOTS (99,64KM/H) on a natural speed venue in La Franqui and smashing the world record on the Nautical mile over 43KONTS (80+KMH).

Beginning of 2015 I got the chance from Z-fins to combine my passion with work and as a windsurfer nothing is more fun then talking about windsurfing and especially fins.
My goal is quality and to keep innovating the fins and create a stock that I can deliver fins within a week.

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